Hints and Tips: Getting into Galleries

BY Deborah Simms


I produced these guidelines for a conference a few years ago as I am aware that if you are unfamiliar with how public museums operate, it may be either daunting, confusing or just downright frustrating trying to work out the best way of approaching large public organisations. It is in all of our interests that we are open about how we operate, as it saves us museum employees time in terms of receiving work, and self-employed makers valuable time in when preparing proposal to get their work exhibited or sold. The key thing that I cannot stress enough, is that people who work in art galleries and museums do so because they care about art and craft. We are already on your side before you have spoken to us. The points below are based on 15 years of working with artists and makers in public museum settings. It is not an exhaustive list, and may not apply to all organisations, but I hope that it might be a useful starting point.